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    Where to Stay in Langkawi

    Langkawi has a variety of hotels to suit every budget, style and preference. Whether you are looking for a beachside affair, a pampering experience at a luxury resort or simply a clean room with a comfortable bed for you to lie your head on at the end of the night, Langkawi amply provides.

    Kuah is the place to be for serious shoppers, while Pantai Cenang usually hosts the young adult crowd eager to stay close to the island’s best restaurants and bars. Pantai Tengah is oriented for families on a budget, Padang Matsirat is the closest to the airport and the hotels at Pantai Kok cater more to an upmarket-family crowd. However if you are looking for the best in the best in the pampering stakes during your island getaway, then head for the sprawling resorts along Tanjung Rhu and Datai Bay.

Datai Bay

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  The Andaman a Luxury Collection Resort Langkawi   Datai Bay 186.05 USD
  The Datai Langkawi   Datai Bay 359.05 USD
  Mystery Hotel Langkawi - 5 Star Luxury at its best with breathtaking Andaman Sea views   Datai Bay 682 MYR


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  1 Baron Motel   Kuah 19.53 USD
  Adya Hotel Langkawi   Kuah 48.10 USD
  Altis Hotel Langkawi   Kuah 14.71 USD
  Amara Guesthouse   Kuah 19.24 USD
  Amara Motel Langkawi   Kuah 19.53 USD
  Azio Hotel   Kuah 21.56 USD
  Bahagia Hotel Langkawi   Kuah 19.77 USD
  Bayview Hotel Langkawi   Kuah 57.37 USD
  Bella Vista Waterfront Beach Resort & Spa   Kuah 33.38 USD
  Eagle Bay Hotel   Kuah 22.82 USD
  Geopark Inn Langkawi   Kuah 25.36 USD
  Hotel Grand Continental Langkawi   Kuah 46.81 USD
  Hotel Langkasuka Langkawi   Kuah 28.53 USD
  Langkawi Seaview Hotel   Kuah 48.96 USD
  Simfoni Resort   Kuah 22.72 USD
  Sunderland Motel   Kuah 16.48 USD
  The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa   Kuah 141.77 USD
  Twin Peaks Island Resort   Kuah 24.14 USD
  Uptown Hotel Langkawi   Kuah 20.87 USD
  Season Inn Langkawi   Kuah 98 MYR

Padang Matsirat

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Bella Vista Express Hotel Langkawi   Padang Matsirat 26.45 USD
  Four Points by Sheraton Langkawi Resort   Padang Matsirat 77.61 USD
  Kuala Melaka Inn Langkawi   Padang Matsirat 24.59 USD
  Langkawi Lagoon Resort   Padang Matsirat 89.96 USD
  Ombak Villa at Langkawi Lagoon Resort   Padang Matsirat 184.09 USD
  One Hotel Helang   Padang Matsirat 35.51 USD
  MH De Villa   Padang Matsirat 109 MYR
  Mystery Hotel Langkawi - 2 star easy access to Kuah town & good value   Padang Matsirat 182 MYR
  Mystery Hotel Langkawi Beach - 4 Star Spacious Rooms with views of the sea and hill range   Padang Matsirat 532 MYR
  Mystery Hotel Langkawi Beach - 4 Star Unique Villas overlooking the Andaman Sea   Padang Matsirat 589 MYR

Pantai Cenang

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Beach Garden Holiday Bungalows   Pantai Cenang  
  Bon Ton Resort   Pantai Cenang 113.86 USD
  Desa Terrace   Pantai Cenang 22.82 USD
  Easy Hotel Langkawi   Pantai Cenang 32.97 USD
  Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa Langkawi   Pantai Cenang 160.42 USD
  Temple Tree Resort   Pantai Cenang 84.76 USD
  The Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa   Pantai Cenang 100.49 USD
  Tubotel Langkawi   Pantai Cenang 116 MYR
  Langkawi Chantique Resort   Pantai Cenang 268 MYR
  Luxury Village House   Pantai Cenang 436 MYR

Pantai Kok

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Berjaya Langkawi Resort   Pantai Kok 108.80 USD
  Mystery Hotel Langkawi beach - 5 Star with Malay-style architecture   Pantai Kok  
  Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort   Pantai Kok 103.86 USD
  The Danna Langkawi   Pantai Kok 223.69 USD

Pantai Tengah

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Ambong Ambong Langkawi Rainforest Retreat   Pantai Tengah 116.23 USD
  Aseania Resort Langkawi   Pantai Tengah 74.75 USD
  favehotel Cenang Beach Langkawi   Pantai Tengah 52.75 USD
  Federal Villa Beach Resort Langkawi   Pantai Tengah 55.78 USD
  Green Village Langkawi   Pantai Tengah 33.20 USD
  Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa Langkawi   Pantai Tengah 101.21 USD
  The Villa Langkawi   Pantai Tengah 47.68 USD
  Villa Del Porto   Pantai Tengah 152.17 USD
  Villa Molek Langkawi   Pantai Tengah 164.85 USD
  Charlie Motel Langkawi   Pantai Tengah 77 MYR
  Corrie Chalet Langkawi   Pantai Tengah 109 MYR

Rebak Island

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  By Taj - Vivanta Rebak Island Langkawi   Rebak Island 129.45 USD

Tanjung Rhu Beach

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Tanjung Rhu Resort   Tanjung Rhu Beach 139.49 USD

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